108 Names of Ganpati
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AkhurathaOne who has Mouse as His Charioteer
AlampataEver Eternal Lord
AmitIncomparable Lord
AnantachidrupamayamInfinite and Consciousness Personified
AvaneeshLord of the Whole World
AvighnaRemover Of Obstacles
BalaganapatiBeloved and Lovable Child
BhalchandraMoon-Crested Lord
BheemaHuge and Gigantic
BhupatiLord of the Gods
BhuvanpatiGod of the Gods
BuddhinathGod of Wisdom
BuddhipriyaKnowledge Bestower
BuddhividhataGod of Knowledge
ChaturbhujOne Who has Four Arms
DevadevaLord of All Lords
DevantakanashakarinDestroyer of Evils and Asuras
DevavrataOne who accepts all Pennaces
DevendrashikaProtector of All Gods
DharmikOne who gives Charity
DhoomravarnaSmoked-Hued Lord
DurgaInvincible Lord
DvaimaturaOne who has two Mothers
EkaaksharaHe of the Single Syllable
EkadantaSingle-Tusked Lord
EkadrishtaSingle-Tusked Lord
EshanputraLord Shiva's Son
GadadharaOne who has The Mace as His W
GajakarnaOne who has ears like an Elephant
GajananaElephant-Faced Lord
GajananetiElephant-Faced Lord
GajavakraTrunk of The Elephant
GajavaktraOne who has Mouth like an Elephant
GanadhakshyaLord of All Ganas (Gods)
GanadhyakshinaLeader of All The Celestial Bodies
GanapatiLord of All Ganas (Gods)
GaurisutaThe Son of Gauri(Parvati)
GuninaOne who is the Master of All Virtues
HaridraOne who is Golden Coloured
HerambaMother's Beloved Son
KapilaYellowish-Brown Coloured
KaveeshaMaster of Poets
KirtiLord of Music
KripaluMerciful Lord
KrishapingakshaYellowish-Brown Eyed
KshamakaramThe Place of Forgiveness
KshipraOne who is easy to Appease
LambakarnaLarge-Eared Lord
LambodaraLord with a Big Belly
MahaganapatiOmnipotent and Supreme Lord
MaheshwaramLord of The Universe
MangalamurtiAll Auspicious Lord
ManomayWinner of Hearts
MrityuanjayaConqueror Of Death
MundakaramaAbode of Happiness
MuktidayaBestower Of Eternal Bliss
MusikvahanaOne Who has Mouse on His Charioteer
NadapratithishtaOne Who Appreciates and Loves Music
NamasthetuVanquisher of All Evils and Vices and Sins
NandanaLord Shiva's Son
NideeshwaramGiver of Wealth and Treasures
OmkaraOne who has the Form Of OM
PitambaraOne who has Yellowish-Coloured Body
PramodaLord of All Abodes
PrathameshwaraFirst Among All
PurushThe Omnipotent Personality
RaktaOne who has Red-Colored Body
RudrapriyaBeloved of Lord Shiva
SarvadevatmanAcceptor of All Celestial Offerings
SarvasiddhantaBestower of Skills and Wisdom
SarvatmanProtector of The Universe
ShambhaviThe Son of Parvati
ShashivarnamOne who has a Moon like Complexion
ShoorpakarnaLarge-Eared Lord
ShubanAll Auspicious Lord
ShubhagunakananOne Who is The Master of All Virtues
ShwetaOne who is as Pure as the White Color
SiddhidhataBestower of Success and Accomplishments
SiddhipriyaBestower of Wishes and Boons
SiddhivinayakaBestower of Success
SkandapurvajaElder Brother of Skand (Lord Kartik)
SumukhaAuspicious Face
SureshwaramLord of All Lords
SwaroopLover of Beauty
UddandaNemesis of Vices
UmaputraThe Son Of Goddess Uma(Parvati)
VakratundaCurved Trunk Lord
VaraganapatiBestower of Boons
VarapradaGranter of Wishes and Boons
VaradavinayakBestower of Success
VeeraganapatiHerioic Lord
VidyavaridhiGod of Wisdom
VighnaharaRemover of Obstacles
VignahartaDemolisher of Obstacles
VighnarajaLord of All Hindrances
VighnarajendraLord of All Obstacles
VighnavinashanayDestroyer of All Obstacles and Impediments
VigneshwarLord of All Obstacles
VikatHuge and Gigantic
VinayakLord of All
VishwamukhMaster of The Universe
VishwarajKing of The World
YagnakayaAcceptor of All Sacred and Sacrificial Offerings
YashaskaramBestower of Fame and Fortune
YashvasinBestowed and ever Popular Lord
YogadipThe Lord of Meditation