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Home Page
City/CountryMidlands, UK
How did you hear about this site?Was browsing for Ganapati Atharvashirsha
CommentsHow did u make this site...pls advise
November 01, 2007. 05:55:34#268

Ramesh Sampige
Home Page
How did you hear about this site?While looking for the meaning of Gayatri Mantra
CommentsI was impressed with the scientic facts you have given in undertanding the significance of the mantra. While you mention about the sound OM I am reminded of what Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev ( has said viz: \\\"NADHA BHRAMHA VISHWASWAROOPA, NADHA HISAKALA JEEVAROOOPS, NADHA HI KARMA NADHA HI DHARMA, NADHA HI BANDHANA NADHA HI MAUKHTI, NADHA HI SHANKARA NADHA HI SHAKTI, NADHAM NADHAM SARVAM NADHAM, NADHAM NADHAM NADHAM NADHAM\\\" [Sound in Bhramhan, the manifestation of the universe, sound manifests itself in the form of all life, sound is bondage, sound is the means for liberation, sound is that which binds, sound is that which liberates, sound is the bestower of all, sound is the power behind everyhthing, sound is everything.] p.280 Mystic\\\'s Musings.
October 29, 2007. 14:06:53#267

Ravikumar Naik
Home Page
How did you hear about this site?Google search.
CommentsYour credentials dragged my attention. Great Buddy, keep going.
October 24, 2007. 07:36:19#266

Nilesh Sonawane
Home Page
City/CountryPune, India
How did you hear about this site?From my friend Girish Gokhle, Pune
CommentsHi Adwait,
It\\\'s really good site. I wonder how u can manage all these activities. All information provided by you is really good and inspiring.

I wish u very all the best. By chance if I come to USA for project purpose, would like to meet you.
October 09, 2007. 05:32:11#265

Home Page
How did you hear about this site?Looking for information on treaditional Indian music and the Gayatri Mantra
CommentsI think is an amazing effort of love. Thank you.
October 08, 2007. 11:14:14#264

Vikram Bhagwat
Home Pagehttp://WWW.YAHOO.COM
How did you hear about this site?SURFING
October 07, 2007. 08:36:05#263

Manawa Diwekar
Home Page
How did you hear about this site?I came accross this site while I was searching for the meaning of Atharvashirsha
CommentsI find this a very informative site. All the chapters/parts are written very precisely.Keep up the good work!!!
October 01, 2007. 07:58:22#262

Darshana Patkar
Home Page
City/CountryMumbai, India
How did you hear about this site?While looking for the meaning of Atharvashirsha, i came across this site.
CommentsGood collection of different information.
Best wishes..
September 30, 2007. 06:56:09#261

Laxman N.tapkir
Home Page
City/CountryPune, India
How did you hear about this site?Just Surfing for Ganapati Atharvashirsha
CommentsI like it hole your collection.
September 26, 2007. 02:26:06#260

Vijay Natarajan
Home Page
How did you hear about this site?Searching for Samadhi Sadhan
CommentsA fabulous job. Congrats for a very innovative site. I am learning Hindustani Classical from my teacher Manoj Govindrajsir. Keep it up!!
September 22, 2007. 07:28:10#259

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