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City/CountryBoston, USA
How did you hear about this site?Google Search
CommentsGreat job Adwait! for the longest time I have been looking for Ganesh atharvasheesh and finally found it on your website. Great job on the translation as well. Kudos to you and also your parents for such a nice upbringing.
September 19, 2007. 04:41:03#258

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How did you hear about this site?while searching for Atharvashirsha
CommentsGood Job Adwait!! I did not know about Gayatri Mantra. That was a nice piece of information. I think that whatever Sanskar are given to us, we follow it un-knowingly. But when you find the reason behind everything, it gives you immense pleasure. Keep up the good work.
September 15, 2007. 10:22:37#257

Satish Chowdhary
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City/CountryMiami, Fl USA
How did you hear about this site?Browsing for Classical Music
CommentsExcellent Site and Info. Keep it up. Interested in guidance in learning Classical Music.
September 14, 2007. 12:56:53#256

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How did you hear about this site?Google search
CommentsI enjoyed reading and listening to Atharvashirsha on your web site which is an all around great effort. Wish you all the best.
September 08, 2007. 20:15:09#255

Rajesh Kelkar
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How did you hear about this site?browsing
Commentswonderful efforts! congratulations. but i would suggest to collect the information through reliable sources and traditional gurus only. i found plenty mistakes in the information. for example: aur raag sab bane vasant is composition of krishnadas one of the ashta chhap kavi from pushtimargiya sampradaay. however your site is a great example of source of information for hindustani classical music.
August 31, 2007. 08:54:41#254

Bsn Rau
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How did you hear about this site?froma friend
CommentsYou have done an excellent job; I wish many more of our youth should follow your example and be role models for others to follow; you have ahcieved a level from which you can catapult to higher and higher level of wisdom, knowledge and accomplishments, May God Bless You in all respects.
August 28, 2007. 14:50:36#253

Mukulesh Debnath
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City/CountryKolkata, India
How did you hear about this site?just by surfing
Keep it up the good work.
Like to be in touch with you.(+919433043502)
God may bless you
August 24, 2007. 06:55:11#252

Shriram Paranjape
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City/CountryAnushaktinagar Mumbai India
How did you hear about this site?google
CommentsExcellent. I appreciate your selfless hard work and dedication that has gone into this project
August 22, 2007. 13:42:49#251

A P Sharma
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How did you hear about this site?Searching for Music related information.
CommentsExcellent storehouse of diversified information.
August 21, 2007. 01:37:21#250

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City/CountryGainesville, FL, US
How did you hear about this site?Google
CommentsAwesome site!
August 01, 2007. 17:02:34#249

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