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City/CountryPUNE, INDIA
How did you hear about this site?Just by surfing
CommentsNice ONe. Hey I am also having passion for photography and I want to have direct communication with guys like you. PL send me test mail so that I can be in touch with you to get mastery in photography
August 01, 2007. 11:52:59#248

Blue Feather
Home Page
City/CountrySan Antonio, TX
How did you hear about this site?Was looking for info about Gayatri Mantra and Dogpiled you
Love your article on the scientific interpretation of Gayatri Mantra. Makes for a great meditation tool.
Thank You!
July 31, 2007. 12:15:55#247

Faith Blackwood
Home Page
How did you hear about this site?Google
CommentsThank you for your download of the Gayatri mantra. I was looking for it and came across your page. I really appreciate it.

Thank you for explaining things so clearly and scientifically. Now if we could only get people to believe that Science and GOD are not mutually exclusive....
July 28, 2007. 00:15:27#246

Home Page
City/CountryAlwar (Raj) India
How did you hear about this site?stumbled upon
Commentswas looking for thumari singers and stumbled upon your site.was impressed by sample clips for every class.Shows that you have what it takes to be a successful man. Carry on.
July 23, 2007. 01:36:46#245

Home Page
City/CountryGreenbelt, Maryland, USA
How did you hear about this site?Friend
CommentsThank you so much for the excellent presentation of the Gayatri mantra on your site. I have been looking for a way to learn this mantra, and your site came to me from an Indian friend with whom I study and teach yoga.

Please accept my compliments for your excellent work on your website, presented free for all to study. You are a beautiful channel of knowledge and light on this Earth.

Warm regards,
Brecken Chinn Swartz
Greenbelt, Maryland
July 16, 2007. 07:45:36#244

Mohit Thatte
Home Page
City/CountryRedwood City, CA
How did you hear about this site?Found a link on youtube, while searching for Pandit Bhimsen Joshi's recordings
CommentsNice site! Keep it up!
July 10, 2007. 18:32:36#243

Home Page
How did you hear about this site?NA
CommentsWill you please provide me the meaning of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Atharva-sheersh\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"?
July 02, 2007. 23:51:47#242

Nilesh Pandit
Home Page
City/CountryNew Zealand
How did you hear about this site?Yahoo (About Swarganga)
CommentsThe site is beautiful. Particularly Swarganga. Simply marvellous !! Congratulations !!
June 29, 2007. 17:47:42#241

Raghunandan Ramchandra Joshi
Home Page
How did you hear about this site?Google search
CommentsNice to see your site. I came across it when searching the net for the Marathi translation of Atharvasheersha. Well done. You could have added the Phala-shruti as well.
All the best !
June 25, 2007. 12:49:10#240

Tanvini Gogri
Home Page
How did you hear about this site?Google search
CommentsGreat work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy trekking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 25, 2007. 10:52:55#239

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