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Ashish Sarode
Home Page
City/CountryPune, India
How did you hear about this site?Googled Kaslubai :)
CommentsThanks for Kaslubai photos. Really speaking did not go through complete site, but felt good to read about you Advait.
July 28, 2009. 03:55:55#328

Vasant Sathe
Home Page
How did you hear about this site?search engine
CommentsOn a beutiful rainy day in my laboratory I was unable to work and was just wondering on search engine for Gayatri Mantra. I am very impresseed by your collection on this subject. COngrates. Its refreshing to visit all the pages on your site. Like Gravity, Excellence always attracts others. Good wishes
July 22, 2009. 01:33:58#327

Home Page
How did you hear about this site?from a friend
CommentsThe site offers excellent information on Indian music and culture. Truly a result of deep research and dedication for the topic. Wish the very best for this website and its promoters.
July 13, 2009. 00:54:12#326

Dr. Pradeep Moghe
Home Page
City/CountryRas Al Khaimah(UAE)/Pune
How did you hear about this site?was looking for english translation of Ganapati atharvashirsha on net
Commentsexcellent work on database of different ragas & bandish taalbase. your collection of raag based hindi & marathi songs is mind blowing keep it up.
May 25, 2009. 16:06:11#325

Manish Vasantrao Pande
Home Pagehttp://nohomepage
City/CountryDublin Ireland
How did you hear about this site?google search for Ganpati Atharwashirsha landed me hear
CommentsWell organised and useful information
May 23, 2009. 09:47:20#324

Vikrant Shenoy
Home Page
City/CountryMumbai MAHARASHTRA
How did you hear about this site?BAS AISEHI GHOOM RAHA THA TO MIL GAI
CommentsSite kharach chan aahe ; pan please BACK GROUND color change kara,aani ho tumhi pustaka vachat nahi ka .....
plez tyachi suddha ek link theva jamlyas....
May 06, 2009. 02:57:40#323

Neelesh Onkar
Home Page
City/CountryPune, India
How did you hear about this site?While surfing the net
CommentsDear Adwait,
This is excellent work. So useful and still so simple to access! Thank you very much for providing this kind of data online. I am sure it will be very useful to music lovers.
I am planning to visit this site very regularly.
Thanks once again and keep up the great work!
April 28, 2009. 08:10:10#322

Monika Muley
Home Page
How did you hear about this site?actually stumbled upon it while surfing
Commentsvery nice wrk, kharach chaan aahe.
wld also like to know ki suppose mala ithe kahi aavadla for eg.Best things can i use it? karan it was real nice and bought a smile on my face.
u take care
April 27, 2009. 06:48:32#321

Somnath Mukhopadhyay
Home Page
City/CountryBurdwan, India
How did you hear about this site?website
CommentsI liked this site and like to visit it more.
April 03, 2009. 22:02:46#320

Home Pagehttp://WWW.GOOGLE.COM
City/CountryPUNE INDIA
How did you hear about this site?WEB
March 19, 2009. 02:53:50#319

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