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How did you hear about this site?Google - Meaning of Gayatri Mantra
CommentsYou are simply superb. May God bless you to reach greater heights in your life. All the best.
November 07, 2008. 21:19:27#308

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How did you hear about this site?from google
Commentshai adwait

the total meaning of gayatri mantra giving in ur website is really amazing and after looking at ur site in detail i think u r really gr8.
infact to be frank i m somewhat like u . i like and sing songs, photography, eager to learn about about culture and want to be a perfectionist
i love to make friends like you i hope to meet u soon in near future and have a good time
October 07, 2008. 10:29:22#307

Keerthi Bhatt
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How did you hear about this site?Google
CommentsHello Mr.Joshi,

I just was looking for \\\"Ganapathy Atharvasthotram\\\" in google and found your site. Just wanted to let you that the link in your site that defines the sthotram is an extract of the whole sthotram. The whole sthotram is actally bit long.

October 03, 2008. 13:25:43#306

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City/CountryCoimbatore Tamilnadu, India
How did you hear about this site?While searching for Ganapathi atharvsisnopanishad
Commentsvery good service to those who are interested in knowin vedamanthra. My hearty felicitation to you.
September 03, 2008. 07:51:26#305

Jayesh Bhope
Home Page
How did you hear about this site?Surfing
CommentsVery well made and simple, sincere and straightforward contents. I enjoyed reading thru your different aspects. God Bless You!!!
August 28, 2008. 23:42:50#304

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City/CountryBangalore, India
How did you hear about this site?while searching for gayatri mantra meaning
Commentsreally multifaceted personality modern with a grip on our tradition...

keep the good things goin
July 13, 2008. 06:56:55#303

Home Page
City/CountryThane(now in Nigeria)
How did you hear about this site?was searching for ganpati atharvashirshya
Commentshiee adwait..
Its really amazing to see such a great personality.. u really make thanekars proud...

all the best and keep rocking

Best Regards,

July 11, 2008. 09:47:55#302

Sameer Kumar Sahu.
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City/CountryRaipur ( INDIA )
How did you hear about this site?I searched google. A serendipity.........
CommentsThe site is full of knowledge (Veda) and I am greatly enlightened.

I am grateful to you.

June 25, 2008. 13:30:25#301

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How did you hear about this site?Searched for Ganapati Upanishad
CommentsAdwait - First off, wish you a happy birthday. I came across your website when I was searching for a mp3 version of Ganapati Upanishad. Your text was useful and I have it printed to help in my recital. Good luck to you and your family. Keep up your varied interests. Best regards - Hari
June 22, 2008. 09:01:03#300

Shriniwas Hawaldar
Home Page
City/CountryIndore[Madhya Pradesh] India
How did you hear about this site?While searching Rag Jansammohini andPt.Vasanrao Deshpande on Google
CommentsVery interesting and informative page for music lovers.Can you guide me where can I get a free download of Full Raga Jansammohini by late Pandit Vasantrao Deshpande?
June 19, 2008. 11:50:22#299

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