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Computer Skills

·         Operating Systems         : Windows Family, Dos, UNIX, LINUX.

·         Programming Skills        : C, C++, VC++ (MFC), VB, OpenGL, Matlab, MySQL, HTML, CSS

·         Scripting Languages      : PHP, ASP, VB Script, and Java Script.

·         Other Software               : MS Office, ProEngineer, ProMechanica, AutoCAD, Adobe

                                                  Photoshop, Win Debugger.



M.S.    Mechanical Engineering, University at Buffalo, State University of New York.   

GPA: 3.71

B.E.     Mechanical Engineering, Sardar Patel CoE, Univ. of Mumbai.         

Class: First     Approx GPA: 3.85


Work Experience

·         Chemtex Services Inc. – Mechanical Design Engineer (June 2004 – Till date)

Working with the Mechanical Engineering department, in design and analysis of pressure vessels such as finishers, esterifiers, vapor separators, heat exchangers, piping systems and hydraulic equipment used in chemical process plants.  Work responsibilities also include generating 2D drawings in AutoCAD, generating documents for procurement of the equipment and providing technical expertise to process engineering, piping engineering, procurement and marketing; and interaction with international engineering groups.

·         Intel Corporation – Software Engineering Intern (Core Software Division) (Aug 2003 – Dec 2003)

Single handedly ported a DCC application from IA32 to IA64 (Itanium2) using Intel 8.0 and MS Visual Studio .net compiler. Collected instruction traces for large applications on IA64 to be used in future processor design simulations. Investigated compiler bugs and filed bug reports against Microsoft SDK and Intel 8.0 Compilers for IA64.

·         Fisher-Price - Computer Application Engineering Intern (Feb 2003 – June 2003)

Assisted in the development of new and improved CAD methods, procedures, and standards within a Product Engineering Environment, with the intent of automating the application of Pro/E technology. Developed a web application to facilitate gear design using ASP which created customized gear box models in ProE on the basis of different design parameters input by the designer. The idea was to develop web resources to build customized models without needing the expertise in ProE and also speed up the design process. The job required an in depth understanding of Machine Design along with software knowledge to develop the necessary tools.

·         RERC (Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center) - Research Assistant (Jan 2002 – Dec 2003)

Worked on the anthropometric research project for capturing anthropometric data with the help of FaroArm and Motion Monitor on wheel chair users.




·         Master’s Thesis – Visualization Techniques for a Prototype Anthropometric Database

The thesis consisted of developing a database for storing the data collected on wheelchair participants and then visualizing it using VC++ and OpenGL. The data collected with the help of a coordinate measuring machine was raw and unfit to be directly imported to MS Access. Hence a data parser was written in visual basic to allow a simple import of data from a text file to the required Access tables. For visualizing the data, a software, AnthroDB was developed using MFC and OpenGL. The software introduced unique visualization techniques such as 3D human model; rendering of a human’s reaching capabilities, providing tools for statistical analyses and providing audio visual information with the help of videos and pictures.

·         Web based design using PHP

Developed an application in PHP to support mathematical analyses such as Differential equations, Definite Integrals and Curve Fitting. This application also included an equation parser which was written in order to handle different types of equations. Application URL :

·         Graphics Programming

Completed different projects in Computer Graphics which involved developing various games in an OpenGL and VC++ (MFC) environment.

·         Bachelor’s Project – Piping Stress Analysis

Completed the project under the guidance of Director of CAD Center, IIT Bombay, as the principal investigator. The project mainly dealt with the study and modification of an empirical relation used in thermal analysis of piping systems to avoid fatigue failure. The modification to the empirical relation was made by comparing the results with the software analysis of CAEPIPE (v5.01). A small application was made in Visual basic which allowed the user to carry out a preliminary analysis on the piping system.


Awards and Achievements

·         Receiver of the Spontaneous Recognition Award at Intel Corporation as an appreciation for successfully completing the Maya 64 bit porting project four weeks ahead of schedule.

·         Receiver of the Goody Drawer Award at Intel Corporation for outstanding support in wireless networking.