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06/13/09 - SwarGanga's Experience with Waves Musicals Thane

In April of 2008 SwarGanga placed an order with Waves Musicals, Ram Maruti Road, Thane (W) for 4 Real Tanpuras, 1 Harmonium, 1 Electronic Tanpura, 1 Electronic Tabla and 3 pairs of TaaL. The order was almost worth 1.5 lakh rupees and we had paid almost 50% of the advance as earnest money. We were dealing with Mr. Shashank from Waves Musical who was supposed to get us our tanpuras made from scratch, that way we get the best quality and then ship the items to us by sea. We placed the order in April hoping that the items would ship to the US before the rains hit India. We were told that our Tanpuras are currently being made and will be ready by Mid May.

I had not heard anything by End May and hence I called Shashank to ask him the status of our order and we were told that our order was ready and already shipped and we will have it by Mid July. We paid another 30% of the money and kept the last 20% as balance.

We waited till end of July and our shipment was not here so we started calling Shashank about it repeatedly and finally he told us that the stuff would reach us in 4-5 days. Once I got the stuff in my hand, I realized that the shipment came FedEx air and came in 3 days. I was surprised to see that it never shipped end of May as it was supposed to. Anyways we atleast had it in our hand.

After I opened the shipment, I saw that I had ordered dark colored decorated tanpuras for males and light colored for females. The tanpuras we got hardly had any decoration on it. Ofcourse we had paid for decorated tanpuras. Immediately after opening and playing the tanpuras I realized that the female tanpura was damaged in shipping and that all the 4 tanpuras were not specially made but infact just off the shelf regular tanpuras.

The shipment was missing my electronic equipment and also my TaaL (manjiras). I called Shashank and he told me that yes they indeed were missing and he will hand it to my parents in India which will have to be hand delivered by now. The TaaL he got me were most mediocre TaaLs I had ever seen and I had specifically ordered them to be set to specific notes. Also the tanpuras were missing covers and rings around them. Yet another phone call and I get the same response, yes I will send it.

It took me almost a year to get the TaaLs in my hand and they STILL were not what I wanted. Finally I asked them to return my money and I would buy it from somewhere else. After repeated phone calls I finally got the Rs. 1000 back. Later on Shashank sent the rings to my home in India and when I went there to personally pick the stuff up I saw that all the Tanpura rings were completely damaged. I showed it to him and he said that they were damaged because of us. Why would a person who places an order of 1.5 lakh rupees damage rings worth Rs. 80 on purpose?

I finally complained to the store owner Maruti Patil whom I know from a family connection (and was the only reason I placed the order with them) and he responded back saying he owns the store but doesn't look at it. Shashank is the one who deals with stuff. I will never be doing any business with Waves Musicals again but basically I felt very bad about the whole transaction and felt that I should post my experience online so that people will be careful before doing business with them. If you have had a similar experience please email me and I will add it to the thread below. If you have any comments or concerns please email me using the feedback form above.