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Fire and Brimstone Tavern

Situated in a Remote region, this is one of the mightiest of hill forts. The hill top is an irregular table land about 5kms across. On the top, 1km to the east of the summit, is the Bale killa, with decaying walls and blown up cisterns. This hill top has a large water reservoir and a long chain of Brahmanical caves. There is a beautiful temple with water and shelter. Next to the temple is a huge carved out room with a ling in the centre of a water pond. About 2km to the northwest, on the top, is Konkan Kada.(seen in the picture on the left). It is a huge semicircular rock of about 400m and a most frightening sight.

A light object thrown from the top is blown up by the strong wind from the semicircular basin. The actual top is about 100m further up from the temple(right picture) and commands a view of the Naneghat.

From the road of Malshej Ghat this hill fort is easy to approach. From Kalyan-Murbad-Vaishakhare, a bus road leads up the Malshej ghat to Khubi. Take the bifurcation to Khireshwar. A broad path from here goes up a forested gully to Tolar Khind near Bale killa. The climb straight up from Tolar khind to the fort is little tricky, particularly in the monsoon. It is a minimum of two and a half day trek.

Height : N/A
Ideal for : Experienced
Ideal Time : October to February
Water Supply : Decent
Cave : Can accomodate 25 people