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Fire and Brimstone Tavern

Standing 6km west of Rajgad, this high fort is another citadel of history. It commands excellent views and is easy to climb. It's two wings are called Zunzar machi, to the east and Budhla machi, to the south. There is a temple on the main fort which is inhabitable only in the dry season. There are perennial water tanks on the main fort and Budhla machi.

From Pune reach Welhe by bus. A broad route leads to the top in about 2 hours. A long ridge connects Budhla machi to Rajgad. Scrambling down below a nearby twin tower allows a descent from Torna. Another obcure route from Chitta darwaza west of Budhla machileads to the Kanand pass. An interesting cross-country route would proceed to Rajgad and Lingana. From Welhe to Nivi, Ghisah and Singapur(16Km) or Torna via Kanand Pass, Harpud to Singapur(14km). Further on to Longanawadi via Asanavli pass in the south or Boratyachi Nal in the north.

Roads and routes have been extended ahead of Welhe.
1) A road joins Welhe, Kanand pass, Waruti and Kelad. For the approach to Kanaode (837m) ahead over the Mara pass. One can descend to Shivthal Ghal also from here.
2) A road via Nivi, Gisah and across the ridge leads to Panshet lake, linking two river valleys.

From Gisah one can reach Singapur to proceed to Rajgad. This is obviously a 2 day trek.

Height : 1403m
Ideal for : Experienced
Ideal Time : All round the year
Water Supply : Decent
Cave : Can accomodate 25 people

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