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Fire and Brimstone Tavern

This was the first capital of Shivaji for 25 years and has a long association with history. It lies about 40km southwest of Pune, has 8km of surrounding curtain walls with three wings inside. To the north Padmavati machi, to the east Suvela machi and to the southwest Sanjivani machi. it has a central top known as Bale killa.

There are many interesting routes to climb and descend :
1) The buses leading to Welhe pass from Dapod or via Vajeghar, on the banks of the Kanandi river. A northernly spur leads to the Padmavati machi through a Chor darwaza (16km).
2) Take the Welhe bus, get down at Vinzar, 6km northeast of the fort. Cross Kanandi river and reach Sakhar village(2km). On the road again cross Gunjavni river over a bridge to the Gunjavne village(2km). A gentle to steep climb up the Chor darwaza.
3) From the Welhe road alight at Margasani and proceed to Gunjavne village too. The last two routes are most popularly and easy.

Interesting routes would be to come down Rajgad on the south to the banks of Bhatgar lake for a ferry. From another Chor darwaza, descend a very steep route to Male(6km) on the lake; or from Sanjivani machi, try the steep descent to Khulshi village or Bhutonde(10km) for a ferrry or a bus to Bhor. Rajgad has a long connecting ridge with Torna. It has 2 passes. From Rajgad the first is Kolhe khind, connecting Pali to Khulshi. The ferry leads to Basrapur 2km away from Bhor and is usually available in the early morning or afternoons. Plenty of shelter, perennial water,a temple and above all, excellent views.

Height : 1376m
Ideal for : Experienced
Ideal Time : All round the year
Water Supply : Decent
Cave : Can accomodate 25 people

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