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Fire and Brimstone Tavern

A fascinating and intricate fort. It has plenty of drinking water and provides a very enjoyable outing. Its solid square massif is clearly visible even from Bombay. From the col of Mhaismal - Chanderi, climb on the south(left) to reach the base of the massif. A good cave is situated here. An exposed and tricky traverse leads to the centre of the massif and on to a small ledge with a water tank. A rocky staircase (partly blown off) leads to the top by a very exposed route. Plenty of oppotunities for rock climbing. Fantastic view. The second route is from Vangani station to village Vaghachiwadi(3km) and hence to the saddle between Chanderi-Nakhind(3km). A tricky traverse over scree leads to the ledge at the centre of the massif. Follow the route ahead to the top. The second route is not in use.

Finding the track especially after the monsoon season is a bit difficult because of the dense undergrowth. Gaurang,Apurva and Myself went to this trek. This was the time when I fell in love with Apurva. I and Apurva are getting married soon. This is one memorable trek for me for two reasons first because I got Apurva and second our experiences during this time. Yet another time we felt that it was the last time we would ever see each other again. We were in deep shit until we just decided that no matter what we are going to make it home and thanks to our will power that today we are the way we are.

Height : 790m
Ideal for : Expert
Ideal Time : October to June
Water Supply : None until you reach the fort.
Cave : Can accomodate 25 people

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