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Fire and Brimstone Tavern

Also called as Vishalgad, travellers to Pune cannot miss seeing this weather-beaten peak above Chowk village. It has a peculiar forked shape with sharp ridges and a prominent hole in the centre. Reach chowk from Karjat or Panvel. A 3km uphill track leads to Vishalwadi at the foot of the final climb. From the village, the route lies over the extreme left ridge in the northernly direction and then from behind the hill to a small gap above the hole. Water is available here.

Straight ahead is a 10m rock climb to the loose scree above. A very exposed scree traverse from the left leads to the small grassy top. One should be very careful on descent, as any slip would be difficult to check. An enjoyable traverse from Vishalwadi to Prabal can be made by a connecting ridge.

NOTE : It is not advisable to climb the final grassy top of Irshal without experience and ropes.

Height : 370m
Ideal for : Expert
Ideal Time : October to June
Water Supply : None until you reach the fort.
Cave : Can accomodate 25 people

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