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Fire and Brimstone Tavern

Mahuli is one of my all time favourite treks. It is very close to Asangaon, which is a station on the central railway. Mahuli is a quite high as compared to other treks. It is a adventurous trek but requires a bit of stamina. Mahuli can be distinguished from the mountain range by a pinnacle which resembles the small finger. The route starts from a temple. The road is quite big due to regular use so there is no need to have a guide with u. It takes about 3 1/2 hours to reach the top which has hardly any thing except for beautiful scenery. There is a gate called as Maha-darwaja and a non specific temple. At the base of the mountain, flows a river which is a popular picnic spot these days.

After climbing up the east face gully, and reaching the saddle at 600m there is a large plateau with a excellent view of Tansa lake. After about a 2 hour climb there is a big ladder which many people find it difficult to climb because it gives a scary view of the valley below. Overall this is a enjoyable trek.

Height : 762m
Ideal for : Beginners
Ideal Time : Monsoon
Water Supply : Plenty
Cave : None - Can''t stay without a tent

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