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Fire and Brimstone Tavern

Lohagad-Visapur are twin forts in the Lonavala region. The Lohagad fort is well preserved, with a series of five gates and high walls to stop any intruder. We got down at Malavli, which is a station on central railway after Lonavala. Bhaje village is about 3kms from Malavli which is at the base of the fort. A big road goes to Lohagad fort. The villagers regularly commute with bullock cards so the road is prominently marked. Vinchu machi is very famous and used to be a place where "kade lot" was practised. Lohagad is a well maintained fort with a very big cave. Food arrangements can be made in the village called Lohagadwadi.

Visapur is another fort adjacent to Lohagad. Visapur fort can be easily identified by its "tat-bandhi"(fort walls) which can be seen prominently from the foot hills. Visapur is famous for the white stocking bisons and wild boars. On the way there are Bhaje caves which are worth seeing.

This was our first ever trek and none of us had an experience of trekking before. Excited and elated, we started this as a hobby which soon became a passion. We started at the midnight at around 1.00 am and reached malavli at about 4.00 am. We took the passenger train from thane which left at about 1.05. After reaching Malavli first thing we did is rested until it was dawn. We started walking at around 6. We had initially planned on just doing Lohagad but looking at the speed we were walking, we thought of climbing visapur too. Oops....wrong choice.....we got stuck at a overhang rock and never thought we would make it home. Finally all of us were so scared that we immidiatly began our descend to Malavli. We were back at about 8.00pm exhausted and sleepy. It was a worth experience. This was the first and the last trek I did with Swapnil Khopkar who left for Canada shortly after and who still has the pictures of this trek which none of the others have seen :)

Height : 1440m
Ideal for : Beginners
Ideal Time : All round the year
Water Supply : Plenty
Cave : Can accomodate 25 people. Food arrangements can be made at the village

P.S. If you would like to share your pictures please email them to me and I will upload them on my website.