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Fire and Brimstone Tavern

Kalsubai with the height of 1646m is famous as one of the highest peaks in Maharashtra. Kalsubai lies in the Sahyadri mountain range. This being the highest peak, it commands a beautiful view. From Igatpuri station (central railway) there are buses to Pune. We took this bus and got down at Bari village. Since Kalsubai is extremely famous, enough effort has been made to make this trek easy. There are steel railings, chains and ladders at places where it is difficult to climb. The is a symbolic temple at the top. We went to Kalsubai during the monsoon season. We could not get any shelter at the top and were left all drenched. It was frigid cold and we were shivering but the fact that we had climbed the highest peak in the western sahyadris had kept some warmth in us. After we clibmed down we went straight to bhandardhara dam. Since it was monsoon, the dam was overflowing and there were hundreds of tourists.

Height : 1646m
Ideal for : Beginners
Ideal Time : October to June
Water Supply : None
Cave : None - Can't stay without a tent

The left top picture is the peak of Kalsubai. Right top is me (L) with Sameer(R). Bottom left is the temple of Kalsubai. Bottom right is a view from top of Kalsubai.