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Fire and Brimstone Tavern

One of the prominent hill forts guarding the Bhor ghat, is isolated twin peaked fort of Rajmachi. It is about 10kms as the crow flies from Khandala and about 20kms by track. The fort is separated from the main mass of ghats and is joined to them by its northwest end. A tongue, about 275m broad, with endless curves, joins the fort to the Khandala plateau. During the long approach, the fort appears to be near all the time. The higher peak is known as Shreevardhan and the lower one as Manoranjan. They are joined by a common col with a small temple on it. The village of Rajmachi is at the base of the lower fort.

From Lonavala, we went to Tungarli and went down to the plateau further ahead. A cart trak leads to the village Udavne(13km). A little before reaching Valvand vilage (6km), we turned off to the west(left) and crossed a nala. This takes around 4-5 hours depending on your speed. We then reached a temple at the base of the final fort. There is small water tank and a small cave.

There is one more route which starts from a village called Kondivde(catch a bus from Karjat to reach this village). The climb from here is quite steep with very dense forest cover and undergrowth. We ended up climbing down from this route since it is faster.

Height : 826m
Ideal for : Beginners
Ideal Time : All round the year
Water Supply : Decent
Cave : Can accomodate 25 people