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Fire and Brimstone Tavern

I started trekking as a hobby in 1997 just after we completed our 12th std exams. Soon it developed into a passion and we were looking for an opportunity to get out. Myself, Gaurang, Mayuresh and Swapnil were the core members who founded a group called "Vichitra Trekkers" soon Sameer Sahasrabuddhe joined us. The first rule of joining Vichitra Trekkers was "join us at your own risk". In all the treks, no matter how easy they were, we did some adventures that we cant forget for the rest of our lives. That time we did not have our own cameras and hence I dont have pictures of most of the treks. But the experience is worth sharing.

Note : I stopped trekking in May 2000. That was the time when all of my friends almost graduated and started jobs and got married. I do not have any up to date information about any trekking activities. Please feel free to read through my experiences but as for any advice, I am afraid I cant give any.